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SMART - Lebanon Mountains High Atlas 2017-2019

Lebanon Mountains High Atlas 2017-2019

Lebanon - Morocco

Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

Ashraf Mtaweh, Lebanon

Artist and filmmaker based in Beirut, Ashraf Mtaweh holds a BS in Computer Sciences and a BA in Cinema Studies. He is mainly focused on filmmaking and  write, direct and produce several documentaries, advertisements and films.


Hussam Hawwa, Lebanon

Hussam Hawwa has been actively using his film SLR camera for 20 years and held several personal and collective exhibitions. His artwork style reflects “Bressonic” moments, with subjects mainly found in urban streets, rural areas, and most evidently, nature.


Ziad Hage, Lebanon
Born in Zgharta in 1979, Ziad Hage is a freelance photographer who seeks and renders different photographic subjects with a conceptual approach away from the traditional.


Abderrahmane Marzoug, Morocco
Abderrahmane Marzoug is a designer and artistic director in a digital solution agency, and a big passionate about graphic art and the outdoors.


Zahrin Kahlo, Morocco
Born in Morocco into a Berber/Hispanic family, she spent her childhood in Spain and Italy. She’s graduated from the Art Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan with a focus on the study of Orientalist Photography.


Ziad Naitaddi, Morocco
Born in 1995 in Rabat, Ziad Naitaddi is a self-taught visual artist. Since 2013, he devoted his time to photography through a cinematic research which he explores in the form of documentary and fiction.


SMART - Lebanon Mountains High Atlas 2017-2019

Lebanon Mountains High Atlas 2017-2019's selection

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