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Wenhuan Shao


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

Natural landscape is an important theme to Wenhuan Shao’s creative work. Mountains and water always inspired him sympathy in the context of hidden crisis.


Under the context of global warming and the acceleration of natural resources consumption, Wenhuan Shao intends to bring this topic to a more global dimension: testing the use photography as the main vehicle to reflect ‘natural crisis’ on a deeper level. His approach of photography is similar to the one of Rainer Maria Rilke concerning painting: when a landscape is painted, i’ts not the landcape itself which is depicted but it’s a vehicle of the feelings and emotions of the painter.


Thus, through capturing natural states of the world (e.g. mountains, water) and through the creative process thanks to whom he brings changes to the images (e.g. through painting or technology), Wenhuan Shao will try to transcend geographical or cultural preconceptions and search for a kind of shared visual sensibility in the image that can move viewers universally and unconditionally.

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