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Weeds or flowers - Exhibition of Malika Sqalli in Marrakech

After her stay in Valle Verzasca – touristic area of the Italian part of Switzerland – last summer, Malika Sqalli presents her work, Weeds or flowers, at ESAV Marrakech.


Arriving with the intention of representing the valley’s relationship with tourism, she quickly felt oppressed by these « tourist spots » located close to the beaten track and easily accessible: overcrowded car parks and rocks, trendy riverside spots on the Instagram. Faithful to her initial idea, she nevertheless decides to launch her project: she captures the places most frequented by tourists. In his images, she decides to represent the visitors with bright colours that – according to the title of his project – can be seen according to the sensibility of the spectator, like flowers or weeds. Even if the artist leaves us this freedom of interpretation, what emerges is a vision that seeks to highlight an artificial and alien presence in the place.


To discover from 31 January 29 February 2020, ESAV, Marrakech



30 January 2019, 18:30, ESAV, Marrakech