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SMART - Tamir Bayarsaikhan

Tamir Bayarsaikhan


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

Most of Tamir Bayarsaikhan’s works are based on realness and truthfulness, because he believes that art must be true. In his early career, he tended to shoot landscapes and natural photos. But now he is trying to capture lively moments like photojournalism.

Born in Ulaanbaatar in 1985
Live in Ulaanbaatar

Tamir Bayarsaikhan has a background in multimedia graphic designer with a bachelor degree. He first started photography about 6 year ago and since been actively developing his skills. In 2013, he joined Mongolian first photographers’ community Tusgal club NGO. He is also one of the chair and founding members of BMA (We are Mongolian content) NGO, which recruited Mongolian top multimedia graphic designers.



2018 – “Me+We” Start with yourself. Public graphic design poster exhibition. Creative poster design campaign and public advocacy on urban environmental issues.

2017 – “New people”, documentary joint photo exhibition

2017 – “Nature without garbage-Photography”, documentary joint photo exhibition

2017 – “Edge of Blue Heaven”, joint photo exhibition with Tusgal photo club

2017 – “Parallel Universe”, documentary joint photo exhibition with Tusgal photo club

SMART - Tamir Bayarsaikhan

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