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SMART - Stephanie Montes

Stephanie Montes


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

In her artistic work, Stephanie Montes’ general approach ranges from the understanding of human being and the relationship with territory, crossed by thematic axes such as memory and resilience. She is interested in the impermanence of things, always looking to experiment with printing materials and surfaces that show her the passage of time. She usually works in a narrative way by building bodies of images that translate her experience of the world in a poetic and almost dreamlike way. She also recently realised approaches to video and experimental cinema.

Born in 1991 in Cali, Colombia - Lives and works in Cali



2015 Bachelor in Visual Art

2015 Bachelor in Graphic Design


Solo exhibitions


2019 “La Grieta y la luz”, Alliance française, Cali

2017 “Dia del sol”, Lugar a dudas, Cali


Collective exhibitions


2019 20 Fotógrafos Atitlan, Guatemala

2019 “Dia del sol”, 45 Salon Nacional de Artistas (National Hall of Artists), Bogotá Colombia.

2019 “La Grieta y la luz”, Fotográfica Bogota, Colombia

2016 “El bayano”, Feria del Millon Art Fair, Bogota, Colombia

SMART - Stephanie Montes

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