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SMArt programme presented at the Forum for sustainable development in Bern

On 31st January, SMArt was presented at the Forum for sustainable development, organised by the Federal Office for special development in Berne. Sarah Huber, project manager, explained the goals, achievements and perspectives of the projects. Laurence Piaget, photographer, testimonied of the importance of engagement that she involves in her artworks, which she was made visible by SMArt. Axel Roduit, cultural advisor for the Cultural Service in Valais, reminded the important link between culture and sustainability that give sense to the artistic projects of the photographers.

This Forum was also a good opportunity to create contacts with other organisations which will maybe bring to new projects or residencies within SMArt programme…! And last but not least, this Forum gave us ideas and make us dream with projects like cultural politics developed in Nates with Patrick Gyger as well as smaller initiatives like Musikdorf Ernen with Francesco Walter or Verzasca Foto Festival in Ticino that reminds the many ways to link and bring alive sustainable development and culture. This Forum was definitely good for the mind!

Best of the interventions of the day

Moments of the afternoon session