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SMArt in China with Lanqing Zhu and Jiehao Su

The Chinese photographers who have been welcomed in Switzerland in the last months are showing their artworks at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing until 13th August 2016.


Both Lanqing Zhu and Jiehao Su have taken the opportunity of this new exhibition to enrich the story they are telling us about the Alps.


Lanqing Zhu shows collected lost post cards sold at flea markets, booklets depicturing explorers and alpinists, complicated and information rich maps. She mixes them with her own photography works to create a non-linear voyage in the time. This journey to the mountains and their peaks starts with an old Alps postcard, it is guided by old maps and people holding telescopes, while cable cars and ski boards are our transport. The artist travels throughout past and present, imagination and reality, but not satisfied enough of being a guided one or a tourist, she modifies and creates her own path to the tops, proving yet again mountains are natural subjects of humans’endless imagination and desire of conquer.


Jiehao Su completes his book of images, inspired by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, with a video about birds, a sound recording in a closed space as well as several email letters combined with images. These letters are genuine correspondences between him Sarah at SMArt and, with their linearity in time and their special form consisting of dialogues; they build a new intertextual relationship among with Su’s creations and Rilke’s texts. With this, Jiehao Su completes his commemoration and response to the poet.

Exhibition at Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing, July-August 2016