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Awareness on the challenges
Facing Mountain Regions



Sharon Castellanos presents her exhibition Symbiosis in Lima

During her exhibition « Symbiosis » in Lima, Sharon Castellanos presents 2 series of pictures representing the distance or the closeness we can have with nature. The black and white series gives the idea of the boarder that keeps us far from the mountains. The series on herbalists illustrates a tighter link with nature. Moreover, the pictures of the herbarium are presented as a « polyptic». So from the left side, people can see only the portraits and from the other side, only the plants with incorporated text, and with a frontal view the complete herbarium can be seen.

Sharon testimonies from the varnishing: “The answer of the visitors has been positive, there are a lot of people interested in the practice of the picking up the medicinal plants. There was even a visit by the director of the Museum of “Sacred, magic and medicinal plants in Cusco ». Last but not least, Alejandro Leòn Cannock, a former SMArt photographer, took part to the varnishing as well, sharing experiences with Sharon on their stay in Switzerland.