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Pictures of Btihal Remli at the universal exhibition of Raclette cheese!

During the PALP Festival, visit a photographic exhibition around the raclette cheese through a playful stroll in the village of Bruson. SMArt participates in this innovative event with the presentation of pictures from Bithal Remli. This Moroccan photographer realised a work on alpine agriculture when she was in residency in Valais in 2016. Her artwork, as well as works by contemporary artists and original archival images, can be discovered wandering through the old buildings, sneaking through the alleys, in a barn or at the back of a cheese cellar. Let’s celebrate Raclette cheese!


More information: PALP Festival


4 August – 29 September 2019
Open Thursday to Sunday


4 August, 11:00
Raclett’house, Bruson