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SMART - M’hammed Kilito

M’hammed Kilito


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

As part of the 2018 residency in Sierre, M’hammed Kilito will work on migration, a theme on which he has been working for some years in his academic and artistic research.


He is  interested in the raison d’être of the national policy of restrictive immigration in Switzerland and the logic of the growing fear towards foreigners. According to a scientific study, citizens who vote right in Switzerland are often people who have not had the opportunity to get in touch with migrants or Muslims and it is this fear of the unknown, exploited by the UDC party, of the populist right, which pushes them to vote in this way.


His research question will thus be: If fear and mistrust breed restrictive nationalist policies towards migrants, what are the experiences in which Swiss people and migrants are sharing activities and appreciating each



His main objective through this series will be to highlight by reverse process (fear / restrictive policies) the relationship between Swiss and migrants. What happens when fear gives way to generosity, mutual aid and humanism? What motivates or justifies trust in others? What are the experiences of living together that have enabled an exchange where everyone benefits from the knowledge and culture of the other?

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