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SMART - Malika Sqalli

Malika Sqalli


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

What does tourism impact to a place, a space and its people?

Who are the people of those places? From the people who live here permanently, who have ancestry here, who have relocated here, who come for the season to live, holiday or to work, and those who visit.

What is the identity of this place? The tourist spot or the off the beaten track, the spot who are not the one we go and see.

Roaming mountains and valleys in many different countries, Malika Sqalli became aware of the identity of a place, a mountain or a valley, and how this can change rapidly. Always something speaks in silence.

What is in the frame and outside the frame? Who are those deemed to be in the frame and who are outside the frame, the invisibles. What is the life exposed and what is life and people behind the scene ?

All these questions  are the issues Malika Sqalli wants to explore during her residency in Tessin. She would like to draw lines, tracks, maps, weaving lines between past and future, modern and traditional, ancient wisdom and tech, this place and that place, inside outside.

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