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SMART - Liz Tasa

Liz Tasa


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

Within the SMArt programme, Liz Tasa is interested to work on the topics related to water as a source of life. She would like to create a fiction about what it would be like if the area ran out of water, given that Valais is considered the water tower of Europe. She’s also interested in the theme of migrations in Valais mountains area: migrants who have left the areas of the city and live in the interiors of the mountains and how they relate to nature and the remains of living there.

During her residency, Liz Tasa would like to know Valais and to understand its culture and value the relationship and respect of the population with its environment. She hopes that her project can invite people to reflect on life in the mountains and the climate changes they are facing, to question the link they have with nature or their ways of life

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