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SMART - Lanqing Zhu

Lanqing Zhu


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

The Chinese artist Langing Zhu was welcomed in Monthey by the Crochetan Theatre for this residency. After a three months immersion in the Alps her very personal and sensitive artwork was revealed to the public through an exhibition called – Melancholic mountains.

In her artwork, Lanqing Zhu addresses the majestic nature with delicacy and reflection. Her vaporous pictures exhale a poetic atmosphere; mounts seem to float, untied from the ground, while the photographer plays on the visible and the invisible. Her atmospheres can sometimes remind the Chinese landscapes. Lanqing Zhu mixes her aesthetic search with social and environmental concerns through diverse mountain infrastructures (cable cars, electric poles, snow blowers) that generate debate.

SMART - Melancholic mountains

Melancholic mountains – Exhibition’s photo gallery

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