Pictures to raise
Awareness on the challenges
Facing Mountain Regions



Lanqing Zhu and Jiehao Su, two young Chinese artists for SMArt's springtime

They could be brother and sister, or maybe fake twins, travelling to Switzerland to discover a new country and photograph the landscape. But far from being tourists, these two artists will certainly bring to SMArt an original and personal point of view on the mountain challenges in Valais. Indeed, SMArt is proud to welcome at the same time two young but talented Chinese artists from March to May 2016. Lanqing Zhu, a 25 years’ old young woman, will be welcomed at the residency of Le Crochetan in Monthey. She will certainly work on the link between people and mountains, probably by observing tourism culture in Valais. On his side, Jiehao Su, a 28 years’ old young man, will stay at the artist residency in Bellwald. He will focus his attention on exploring different dimensions of the mountainous areas: the fragile and the steady, the artificial and the natural, the conflictual and the harmonious.