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Juan Pablo Marin: a Colombian photographer in the mountains of Uri

SMArt starts a refreshing adventure this spring in Switzerland. A new residency is created in Göschenen with Kunstdepot, our partner in the Canton of Uri. Juan Pablo Marin, a Colombian photographer, will be the first SMArt artist to benefit of this residency. In his artwork, he is interested in the relation of people with their customs, territory, and cultural transformations due to globalization and environmental impact.


During his stay, Juan Pablo Marin would like to make a project about the daily life of three people from Göschenen. The idea is to work with people dedicated to activities related to the mountain and the conservation of the environment, representing their close relationship with territory. As he is used to, Juan Pablo Marin will certainly implement an interactive project: participants  have an active role in the writing of texts, the selection of pictures, and taking photos.