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Jorge Panchoaga in Tessin with Verzasca Foto

Jorge Panchoaga, an anthropologist and photographer from Colombia, is currently welcomed in SMArt programme.  Through his pictures, he develops works related to issues of identity, memory, language and the relation between the human being and its environment. During the last years, Jorge Panchoaga has been interested in the historical relationship that we have established with nature, specifically the relationship we have built with water.


As usual, Jorge will stay 3 months in Switzerland. But this time, in a brand new place: Tessin. Indeed, SMArt programme starts a new residency in the Italian part of Switzerland (Tessin) with Verzasca Foto, which organise every year a photo festival in the Val Verzasca, a valley in the Tessin mountains.  Jorge Panchoaga will thus profit from his residency to explore the theme of water and its links with the daily and historical life of the inhabitants of the valley.


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