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Sociological exploration of migration in Valais with M’hammed Kilito

During his 3 months’ residency in Sierre, the Moroccan artist M’hammed Kilito will have the opportunity to work on migration issue in Valais. Having already studied  this question in his country, in particular with the publishing of the book « Un si long chemin » in collaboration with the UNHCR, this theme is not a discovery for this photographer. Issued from the tradition of visual sociology, he uses the image as a research tool to better understand a given social reality. Using his background in political science, he would like to explore – during his stay in Valais – the reason of national policy of restrictive immigration in Switzerland and the logic of the growing fear towards foreigners. His work will permit to highlight by reverse process (fear / restrictive policies) this relationship between Swiss and migrants. This socio-photographical research will certainly find its place for the Rencontres Orient-Occident 2018 in Sierre, in the frame of which his exhibition will be presented in May.