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Exhibition – Agony of a glacier – Laurence Piaget - Paris

Laurence Piaget presents his exhibition « Agony of a glacier » at the Swiss Embassy in Paris from November 19th 2015 to January 8th 2016. His photographs depict the Rhone glacier covered with tarps to slow its melting. These tarps stimulate the imaginary with different interpretations, where stunning visions collide: a landscape out of this world, devastated by a cataclysm, a refugee camp dotted with torn white tents sheltering imaginary survivors, agricultural covers reshaped into articulated ghosts by the withering wind, a gigantic work of art wrapped in sheets united by Christo, or even layers of death wrapped in clear shrouds


Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 19h, Swiss Embassy, Paris


19th November 2015 – 8th January 2016, Swiss Embassy, Paris
Mon-Fri 9h-12h