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Discovery of new territories with Peruvian photographer Camila Rodrigo

From late June to early September Verzasca FOTO Festival will have the pleasure to welcome in residence the Peruvian artist Camila Rodrigo.


As a photographer Camila Rodrigo usually addresses the theme of territories in her home-city Lima. The three months residency in the Val Verzasca will provide her the change of environment and the discovery of a new culture necessary for a reflection and innovative artwork on a new geography.


In her artworks, Camila Rodrigo expresses visual situations related to the uses and abuses of man on nature, relying on sculpture, photography, Chemigrams and photocopy. Thus, her way of creation allows her to create new topographies.


Encountering new spaces in Switzerland will deepen her understanding of global warming from the point of view of a different territory facing specific challenges.