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SMART - Camila Rodrigo

Camila Rodrigo


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

Thus far, her projects have focused on the transformation and (de)construction of the geographic landscape of the city in which she resides: Lima. The theoretical framework that she has forged with regard to the local landscape has led her to use the topography of her home city’s coastline as the subject of her research (centered on the geology of Lima’s cliffs and the abrupt changes in the tides of the ocean around them).


With this residency in Val Verzasca, Switzerland, she will have the chance to coexist with problems faced by this mountainous region, thus providing her with an understanding of global warming from a new geography, with its own challenges. She is exhilarated by the prospect of studying and investigating through cultural exchange and dialogue with local residents and experts on the subject. This will allow her to subsequently put together a project that helps raise awareness and promotes sensitivity with regard to the problem of global warming, for which all of us are ultimately responsible.

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