Pictures to raise
Awareness on the challenges
Facing Mountain Regions



Btihal Remli, an artist from Morocco, between Orient and Occident

Btihal Remli is a young woman who grew up in Germany to Moroccan parents, building up her identity between Oriental and Occidental cultures. This duality emerges from her photographs of Mosques, veiled women and people praying, since she is interested in spaces, especially more in immaterial spaces than physical ones. During her residency in Sierre (from August to October), her “double cultural gaze” will help to confront us on our vision of the challenge of the food supply in the mountains of Valais. Indeed, in SMArt program, she wishes to engage a reflection on the contrast between the difficult reality of small producers of the Swiss mountains and the idealistic image that is used to sell typical products like cheese by the big companies.

Btihal Remli's selection