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Facing Mountain Regions




Since his arrival in Switzerland, Alejandro León Cannock has been working on two essential elements of the landscape in Valais: the «bisses» (traditional irrigation channels) and glaciers. The Peruvian artist wants to develop an artwork on the theme of water exploring different faces of this element with a thoughtful artistic approach. With his camera, he is working on the demarcation lines between ice and rock on the glacier; he is playing with the differences of material and shapes in order to show the phenomenon of melting of the glaciers, and this maybe even with a live experience during his exhibition! Some guards of «bisses» will also help him to understand the role of these traditional irrigation channels by taking pictures of their daily work. Alejandro will then confront their visions with his own representation of this special use of water in Valais. Still a lot of work until his exhibition planned in December in Sierre!

The first photos of Alejandro León Cannock