Pictures to raise
Awareness on the challenges
Facing Mountain Regions



Autumnal events: photo competitions and exhibitions all around the world

Niels Ackermann, a Swiss photographer who visited Peru with SMArt programme in 2014 collected several successes with his talented pictures. In October 2015, at the international conference “Mountains of our future” in Perth, Scotland, Niels Ackerman won the prize “Mountain Stories” – with his photograph series ‘Waiting for the flood’. In December 2015, another picture “The guardian of Palcacocha” allowed him to get the first place of another photo competition at the Global Landscape Forum in Paris.
Two exhibitions also took place this autumn in Mongolia and in Switzerland. In November, Maralgua Badarch showed the exhibition “Mountain Myth” in the wonderful landscapes of Mongolia… outside, in the nature,  surrounded with trees and snow! “Agony of a glacier” – Laurence Piaget’s artwork on the Rhone Glacier – was then shown in 3 high schools in Switzerland, where students debated on climate change with classes from Niger or Uganda, in parallel of the exhibition.
SMArt programme makes connection all around the world on climate and water themes and show will go on!

Varnishing of Mountain Myth in Mongolia