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A look on migration with South African photographer Lavonne Bosman

This summer, SMArt inaugurates a new residency in the Grisons. Indeed, our new cultural partner, Air Villekula, proposes an original residency, which takes place in a tiny traditional alpine house in the Grisons mountains. This is the place where Lavonne Bosman, a South African photographer, will spend 3 months (from August to October) and lay down her glance on the theme of migration. This is a central theme of reflexion in Lavonne’s work, as she realised two projects on amaXhosa people in the last years, called “Ilungile, it is good” and  “Madiba’s people”. In South Africa, these people had to live in squatter camps near cities for generations, when they lost their own land in the rural homelands in Eastern Cape. With her photographies on migration, Lavonne Bosman wants to increase awareness on these people to whom it miss a voice to talk about their situation.