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A Colombian wolf in Valais: the photographer Juan Arias

From September, Juan Arias will start his 3 months’ residency in Chateau Mercier in Sierre with the exploration of the wolf thematic. The coming back of this protected animal in the Valais mountains is not the taste of everyone. As an example, a wolf was found dead in the Val d’Anniviers in February, probably victim of an act of poaching. Moreover, several politicians made propositions these last years to restrict the legislation on their protection. The population will even be called to vote soon on this theme. Wolves are definitely a burning actuality in Valais!


Through his images, Juan Arias would like to show the importance of preserving and protecting wolves in nature. He also wants to link this highly cultural and symbolic animal with human migratory processes which have a lot in common with wolves migration. This original thematic will for sure interpolate the population in Valais on its link with this animal and the wild nature.